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Toward results, Not attempts.
As a multifaceted organization dealing in information technology, IISPL is well aware of the mechanics that not only govern the industry but also make and break establishments. IISPL’s enormous experience in software development and project management for its clientele in the West renders it possible for us to analyze our client’s requirements and come up with feasible, cost effective and technically sound solutions.

Technical support across technology areas
A member of the Government of India initiated STPI (Software Technology Parks of India), IISPL is connected to the Internet via a lease line (2 mbps), and has an advanced 60-seat/terminal facility dedicated to handling back office operations and transcription/data entry services. We have branch offices in all metro cities in India and have an affable relationship with the administration in the state. Our functional and technical expertise in managing complex outsourced projects from clients, who expect cent percent results, comes to the rescue of establishments planning to reap the benefits of outsourcing but have no clue what business processes are best outsourced. Our experienced analysts of management, information technology, law and finance study and analyze the various aspects involved in the shift-over and assist you with a number of outsourcing options to choose from. We take it all off your hands: comparative studies on costs involved in non-core operation(s) to identify them for outsourcing, selection of the required technology, software applications and tools, and cost projections to ascertain long term benefits. From identifying these requirements to implementation, optimization and maintenance of the whole system, IISPL does it all. Owing to its vast and varied experience IISPL is open to almost any kind of association with its outsourcing clients. Whether it’s a joint venture, a turnkey project or a simple client-vendor association, IISPL has the infrastructure, technical and functional expertise, and a long business experience to undertake and execute any type of project flawlessly.

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