A premier software engineering company, IISPL provides state-of-the-art IT customized solutions and products by creating an environment conducive to excellence in growth of knowledge. IISPL.s philosophy is to provide expert, industry-specific strategic services, that are low cost and fast, to their IT as well as non-IT business clients, for achieving business advantages, with substantial revenue saving, technological superiority, and competitive edge over their competitors, for long-term growth. IISPL staff consists of people with excellent educational background, technical expertise, deep functional knowledge, and strong development and management experience.

IISPL has grown much larger in its economic and functional status in past few years. However, our philosophy of delivering an excellent, expert, fast, technologically advanced, and satisfactory service at a low cost to our clients, remains immutable. In the Past, IISPL services have been utilized by several IT as well as non-IT corporations, such as, the American Broadcasting Corporation, DPA Software, Financial Software Group, and other medium-size and small corporate entities. This varied experience, in terms of the technologies, economies and standards involved has honed our anticipating skills, strengthened our extant confidence and added immensely to our technical and administrative proficiency.

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